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Mission Statement

New Beginnings Sober Living Homes is transitional housing for men and women in recovery. The idea is to offer a bridge between treatment and independence. Our goal is to assist those who are in need of a safe environment to live in while establishing and achieving personal, career and recovery goals. We want to provide a place where people can be successful and accountable for themselves... and their sobriety.

The use of non-chemical coping skills, gainful employment, education, and most importantly - ACTION! - is the basis of New Beginnings Sober Living Homes Philosophy. The 12 Step (AA, NA, CA, etc.) programs are heavily utilized and provide the crucial foundation for the recovery process. This positive and supportive structured environment is extremely conducive for recovery from alcoholism and chemical dependency.

Our primary goal is to show clients a different way of life and assist them in transitioning back into society. We assist and encourage residents to be employed, enrolled in school or vocational training.

With the help of New Beginnings Homes, guest can continue to have access to recovery services or referrals such as:

  • Residence in a highly supervised, supportive structured living environment, i.e, recovery home.
  • Access to 12- step meetings and workshops on a regular and frequent basis
  • Community interaction to aid in relearning social skills for return to a sober productive lifestyle
  • Assistance in job search and placement

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